Sunday, August 30, 2009

God rested on Sunday

After all the anxiety about running with the group, I worked up my courage and went to the run. It turned out to be a great experience. Not only did I run, I finish in the second pack of runners which is a huge personal success. I got home, I crashed for a hours (usually you sleep so soundly after run, it feels like you are in heaven)

The run gave me so much energy that I ended up driving to K house for some more outdoor activities. We head out to the Billy Goat Trail A. As we were driving it started pouring but that did not stopped us, I was really determined to do the hike, as K has shared her experiences in the trail.
The hike was challenging, specially because or the rocks were wet and slippery, but there is this special force telling me not to stop. As we approached the highest part, the views of the Potomac river were impressive. More impressive was to see a group of people jumping in the river from the rocks above. The drive to K's home was really fun as we were drenched and had mud up to our eyeballs. We finally got home took a shower and head out to the supermarket. We made some dinner on the cheap, and rented some movies. Ang joined us for dinner & movie. It felt great to be relax and to share an uneventful night after such an active day.
The morning came, and as I said, God rested on Sunday, we did not. Lazy in the morning, but with a whole afternoon to spare, we headed out to the C&O cannal for a bike ride. It was a beautiful sunny day.

The canal was full with people enjoying the outdoors. Picnics and kayaking seem to be the activities of choice. Lots of bikers and runners as well. We mounted our bikes in G-town and made it all the way to Chevy Chase. 22 miles roundtrip to be exact. Such good effort must be compensated, so Dolcezza in Georgetown was the venue of choice to meet with Ang, and enjoy some much deserved Argentinian Gelatto.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome Back Doryel!

After a rather long hiatus from blogging, I find myself back here again. Drawn to what I like to refer as a venting exercise. I am one of those people who think too much, and always have something to say, so here I am. This post is short as I am working up my courage slowly, and I needed to start somewhere. I just turned 35 and with it a new array of feelings is overwhelming me. Social Anxiety is the one at hand right now. I am recently recovered from a sprained ankle, and going back to running. I have been working out slowly and feel ready now to pound the pavement. I thought I try to go running Saturday with the Reston Runners’s; a club that I joined a few months back, but did not have the opportunity to join in the runs due to my injury. I am feeling so anxious about running with the group, maybe it’s because I am afraid that I won’t be fast enough to keep up with the pack, or maybe it’s because I need a familiar face so I don’t feel like a crasher at a party. Whatever it might be, I believe it is something that comes with age. That self conscious feeling that is there preventing you for putting yourself out there. In an attempt to alleviate my anxiety, I wrote an email to the club moderator, and I was pleasantly surprise to receive not one, but two very welcoming responses. So I guess that’s it, I cannot be rude or chicken shit, and not show up after that. So I will face my fear and will be there on Saturday bright and early. Wish me luck!