Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome Back Doryel!

After a rather long hiatus from blogging, I find myself back here again. Drawn to what I like to refer as a venting exercise. I am one of those people who think too much, and always have something to say, so here I am. This post is short as I am working up my courage slowly, and I needed to start somewhere. I just turned 35 and with it a new array of feelings is overwhelming me. Social Anxiety is the one at hand right now. I am recently recovered from a sprained ankle, and going back to running. I have been working out slowly and feel ready now to pound the pavement. I thought I try to go running Saturday with the Reston Runners’s; a club that I joined a few months back, but did not have the opportunity to join in the runs due to my injury. I am feeling so anxious about running with the group, maybe it’s because I am afraid that I won’t be fast enough to keep up with the pack, or maybe it’s because I need a familiar face so I don’t feel like a crasher at a party. Whatever it might be, I believe it is something that comes with age. That self conscious feeling that is there preventing you for putting yourself out there. In an attempt to alleviate my anxiety, I wrote an email to the club moderator, and I was pleasantly surprise to receive not one, but two very welcoming responses. So I guess that’s it, I cannot be rude or chicken shit, and not show up after that. So I will face my fear and will be there on Saturday bright and early. Wish me luck!

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Michael said...

Good luck with your run on Saturday. Remember to finish strong ;-).